US Standard Products Provides Tips for Securing A Dream Job

Attempting to land an ideal, dream job can be both an exciting prospect and, at the same time, a challenging task to fulfill. While there may be more lucrative opportunities available than in previous times in Englewood, New Jersey, the amount of competition vying for these roles is sure to be massive as well. Sending out applications in abundance and arriving promptly to an interview no longer cuts it; one has to be prepared to go above and beyond in order to secure a potential dream gig.

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Is the United States a Safer Place to Work in 2019?

In the early days of the American Industrial Revolution, employers neither took the proper precautions to protect work crews nor kept track of workplace deaths and injuries. After decades of unregulated workplace hazards, the government established The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1971.

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3 Eco-friendly Changes and Why All Workplaces Should Make Them

Workplaces that take an environmentally-friendly approach to their business are not only saving on operating costs, they are also attracting Millennial workers and customers. On the flip side, organizations that dismiss opportunities to become eco-friendlier are increasingly under fire from employees, customers, journalists, and even lawmakers. Additionally, there are many local, state, and federal incentives for choosing eco-friendly products.

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US Standard Products Explain How the Latest Eco-Friendly Products are Helping the Environment

When consumers are looking for a way to contribute positively to the environment, buying eco-friendly products is a great choice. Eco-friendly products use fewer resources and have sustainable components, meaning that they have less of an impact on the environment than their non-eco-friendly competitors.

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An Analysis Of Workplace Injuries In The United States

While workplace injuries are down by 68 percent since the 1970s according to OSHA, there is still a long way to go toward the goal of eliminating workplace injuries entirely. In 2017, 5,147 American workers died on the job. Over 20 percent of those deaths were in the construction industry.

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US Standard Products Explain the Importance of Giving Back to the Local Community

The business world can be highly competitive. Some business owners may not feel that giving back to the community is worthwhile because it does not positively impact their bottom line. This shortsighted view ignores some realities of doing business. US Standard Products shares the reasons why businesses should consider giving back to their community and explains how businesses of all sizes can take the time to make a difference, benefiting themselves as well as enriching the community.

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US Standard Products on the Importance of Safety Training and Equipment

For workplaces to stay in safety compliance, training must be provided so that all employees use safety equipment properly. If these products are misused, there will be an increased risk to all employees in the business. Workplace productivity will be lost, and the cost of retraining and replacing employees is high.

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Safety Training

US Standard Products Highlight the Importance of Workplace Safety

Workplace injuries and illnesses can take a severe toll on the profitability and performance of companies both large and small. Companies in high population areas like Chelsea are especially vulnerable to these losses. In New York State in 2017, there were 203,100 recordable cases of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses. These problems affected up to 2.8 percent of all employees, including state and local government. This figure is down by 0.7 percent since 2007, but more work is necessary to reduce the incidence of workplace-related injuries.

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