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Cold Weather Gear Guide for Outdoor Workers

Everyone always complains about the cold in the winter, but did you know that frigid weather is actually more deadly than heat? A report by the National Center for Health Statistics reveals that winter cold kills twice as many Americans than summer heat. Each year, approximately 2,000 people die due to weather-related causes. Of that population, 63% of deaths are caused by exposure to cold and/or hypothermia, while only 31% are attributed to heat-related exposure such as heat or sun stroke.

That said, if your job requires you to work outside in the winter months, it’s even more critical for you to be prepared with the proper gear to keep you safe—not only from the dangers of the job—but also from the dangers of the cold. Here, we’ve compiled some of our top wardrobe tips to keep you safe and warm as you work outdoors this winter.

1. Dress in Layers

One of the worst things you can do when working outside in the cold is break a sweat. Once your clothes trap that moisture, there’s no drying out while you’re on the job—if and when you do cool back down, that moisture will feel mighty frigid.

The trick to avoid a freezing cold sweat? Dress in layers. That way, once you amp up your activity level, you can simply take off a layer to prevent getting over heated.

2. Pick Smart Materials

As you layer on your winter clothes, pay close attention to the materials of the fabrics and the order in which you put them on. The layer closest to the skin should be made of fabric that’s effective at wicking away moisture. Popular options include synthetic fabrics, merino wool, or bamboo.

Next, you’ll want to insulate. Choose materials such as wool, goose down, or fleece to keep warm. Last, you’ll want to protect yourself from the elements with a shell-like jacket—ideally, something that’s both waterproof and breathable.

3. Wear the Right Gloves for the Job

You probably already know that given your profession, there are specific features you should look for in gloves. Manual labor and civic maintenance professionals should be on the lookout for cut protection, impact protection, and multi-purpose gloves, while knit gloves are generally sufficient for landscapers. No matter your job, if you’re working outdoors in the winter, you should most definitely be wearing some sort of gloves, if not to protect your hands from your work, to protect them from the cold-related ailments such as frostbite.

4. Be Seen

It’s important to make yourself visible during all seasons, but wearing reflective gear is especially critical in the winter months, as the hours of daylight are shortened. Since it’s likely you’ll be working in the dark, consider investing in reflective gear with electronic light-up features. Flip them on to be sure you’re seen at all times.

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