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3 Eco-friendly Changes and Why All Workplaces Should Make Them

Workplaces that take an environmentally-friendly approach to their business are not only saving on operating costs, they are also attracting Millennial workers and customers. On the flip side, organizations that dismiss opportunities to become eco-friendlier are increasingly under fire from employees, customers, journalists, and even lawmakers. Additionally, there are many local, state, and federal incentives for choosing eco-friendly products.

As workplaces across America are taking steps to use more eco-friendly products, here are US Standard Product’s top three choices and why all workplaces should use them.

Thermal Barriers Reduce Heating and Air Costs.

Instead of wearing out HVAC units or renovating the office, more businesses are becoming eco-friendlier by mixing thermal barriers with wall paint. While thermal barrier powder mixes never replace traditional insulation, using thermal barriers in accordance with traditional insulation can have powerful results, particularly when a building tends to bake in the hot sun.

Heating and air costs often account for as much as 50% of a property owner’s power bill. Poorly insulated buildings diminish the lifespan of even the top HVAC units, which can run $5,000-$15,000 per unit. Giving those machines a break is a win-win.

That being said, additional large-scale improvements such as roof solar panels and planting more trees around the business property can insulate a company building while also providing true renewable properties (such as more shade and solar power). US Standard Products notes that property owners using all three upgrades drastically reduce heating/air costs, as well as drastically lowering their power bills.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaners are Less Toxic.

Toxic cleaners not only pose a danger to the employees that use them, they also pose a danger to the environment. Many places do not properly dispose of toxic waste. Additionally, workers in a hurry may neglect to use gloves or air masks when using toxic cleaners or chemicals.

For example, US Standard Products explains that traditional, industrial cleaners do great damage to the environment, carry harm for the workers that use them, and wear out surfaces upon which they are commonly used. That’s because these cleaners often contain lead, chlorinated solvents, and many other toxic, non-biodegradable materials.

More Technology Helps Businesses Go Paperless.

One of the greatest examples of waste at work is the amount of discarded paper. While some paper-dependent workplaces are attempting to go eco-friendly by using less paper (such as printing on both sides and recycling), the best eco-friendly workplaces simply go paperless.

Both mobile devices and productivity software today are such that thousands of profitable businesses get by on little to no paper at all. The benefits are huge for the environment, and as an added benefit, they can help an outdated business upgrade its software and processes. Everything from digitizing receipts to e-signing legally-binding documents is available today for little more than the cost of paper, printers, and ink. Additionally, protecting confidential paperwork takes up far less office space on cloud storage than it does in a room full of filing cabinets.

US Standard Products understands that quality workmanship demands safety in the workplace. As such, they are one of the leading providers of job site safety equipment and non-toxic, industrial cleaning supplies. Visit their website, or check out their online store here.

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