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Is the United States a Safer Place to Work in 2019?

In the early days of the American Industrial Revolution, employers neither took the proper precautions to protect work crews nor kept track of workplace deaths and injuries. After decades of unregulated workplace hazards, the government established The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1971. Since OSHEA was established, workplace injuries have dropped from 11% to less than 4% in the United States. While much has improved for the American workforce, there are still many concerns over whether or not the United States is a safer place to work in 2019 than it was half a decade ago.

There are still many industries that sustain large numbers of workplace injuries and deaths today. As such, employers are continually looking for ways to protect their employees, as well as earn back lost production time that results from workplace injuries. US Standard Products is an industry leader in the distribution of performance and safer chemicals, majority of their work focuses on how to improve employee safety through higher-quality equipment and practices. Here, US Standard Products provides a look into the industries that sustain the highest number of workplace injuries.

Construction Injuries

Less than 5% of the United State workforce is employed by the construction industry, yet this industry accounts for over 20% of workplace deaths. US Standard Products states that while the number of fatalities has decreased over the last five years, the worldwide growing demand for more construction may be outpacing the ability of construction companies to protect their workers from harm.

While most construction injuries and deaths result from falls, job site hazards such as electricity and heavy machinery account for numerous other injuries. US Standard Products has made it a priority to raise awareness for these hazards and provide the latest in personal protection equipment.

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Installation & Maintenance Injuries

Injuries within the maintenance and service industries has been difficult to track, mostly due to widespread hiring of undocumented workers. That being said, fatal injuries within installation and maintenance still accounts for over 3% of workplace deaths, along with a number of workplace hazards similar to the construction industry.

Manufacturing Injuries

Perhaps more than in any other industry, workplace injuries within manufacturing have seen dramatic improvements since the government established OSHA. More recently, manufacturing injuries have decreased over 60% in the last 25 years. US Standard Products credit technological development, primarily robotics and artificial intelligence, for the improved safety conditions for workers within manufacturing.

Transportation Injuries

Injuries in the transportation industry are especially concerning, since those often injured are collateral damage to a commercial vehicle or public transportation accident. As such, the transportation industry is heavily regulated and open to personal injury lawsuits from non-employees.

But most injuries in the transportation workplace occur as a result of poor loading practices or negligent drivers backing into other workers. Additionally, legal experts note that fatal accidents within transportation have increased steadily over the last 10 years.

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First Responder Injuries

Naturally, those professionals going into harm’s way to protect and rescue others are most at risk for workplace injuries. Among paramedics, most injuries result from overuse, leading to the kind of injuries common in athletes. In contrast, police officers and full-time firefighters are exposed to a number of hazardous materials and situations, accounting for the majority of injuries among first responders.

US Standard Products understands that quality workmanship demands safety in the workplace. As such, they are one of the leading providers of job site safety equipment and non-toxic, industrial cleaning supplies. Visit their website, or check out their online store here.

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