U.S Standard Products commitment to safer working environments

4 Reasons US Standard Products Is Committed To A Safer Working Environment

Exposure to chemicals or other hazardous materials in the workplace can lead to a variety of short and long-term health effects that put employees at risk of common disorders and life threatening illnesses.

Manufacturers and importers of hazardous substances, for example, must comply with OSHA Worker Rights and Protections, and are legally obliged to include precautionary labels and Safety Data Sheets with their products. This information offers advice on safe handling practices for everyone.

Workplace Safety In The Industrial & Janitorial Markets

The industrial and janitorial markets are frequently exposed to hazardous chemicals and other toxic substances on a daily basis — often times, a job will require frequent use of these chemicals. While completing the task at hand is of utmost importance, doing it safely holds greater significance.

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So, is it possible for employers to provide a safer, eco-friendlier workplace for employees in industries that use chemicals daily? Yes — and while such chemicals may be the only viable solution for certain assignments, safer, more environmentally friendly options should always be considered when possible.

That’s why companies like US Standard Products are committed to their main priority of workplace safety. It’s their mission to ensure employees are provided a safer working environment with its eco-friendly, yet highly effective alternatives.

Here are four compelling reasons why US Standard Products is working towards this mission:

1. Reduced Risk of Serious Injury

Death or serious injury can happen on the job when working with unsafe chemicals or hazardous materials. According to OSHA, 4,679 workers were killed on the job in 2014 in the United States. There were also almost 3 million recorded injuries during that same period. Although organizations have worked towards reducing these numbers, more caution can always be taken. According to US Standard Products, it is the responsibility of the employer to provide improved safety training and awareness as well as the introduction of more eco-friendly products in the workplace in order ensure greater safety standards.

2. Increased Workplace Productivity

Nobody wants to do business with, or work for a company that doesn’t have their stakeholders’ best interest at hand. People have rights — bottom line. If working conditions are left unsafe or if company practices fail to align with its key stakeholders, they will seek alternative employment. On the other hand, if a company is committed to doing its part to protecting not only the environment, but also employees’ personal health and safety, it will see a greater return on employee productivity and organizational bottom line.

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3. Improved Corporate Reputation

Developing improved safety training and awareness as well as implementing safer, more eco-friendly substances in the workplace will not only minimize risks associated with workplace death and serious injury, but also, increase corporate brand reputation. Companies who care about the safety of both their employees and improving the environment with US Standard Products will gain more respect.

4. Lower Risk of Property Damage

When a company works towards providing and maintaining a safer working environment, there will be less risk of injury that can lead to deficits in financial loss and property damage. Overall, providing a safer workplace with US Standard Products will positively impact a company and its overall standing.

Corporate Responsibility with US Standard Products

Do you require safer workplace materials for your organization? US Standard Products is your trusted industrial supplies distributor. We supply commercial properties and industrial organizations with a wide range of high performance operational and eco-friendly safety products to protect not only the environment, but more importantly, your personal health and well being.

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